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The village of Shipkovo is situated on the northern slopes of Central Stara planina mountain, in the folds of the pre-Balkan, on the eastern slopes of the Vassiliovska planina mountain, just 20 km west of the town of Troyan and approximately 47 km southeast of the town of Teteven. The village is located in the valley of the Rajdavets River – a left tributary of the Beli Osam river, within the boundaries of National Park “Central Balkan”.

The village of Shipkovo received its name from the first settlers because as the legends claim it was completely surrounded by dog roses. Today’s village of Shipkovo exists since 1630. Its population is 1100 people. It is located at 680 m above sea level and the “Shipkovski mineral baths” resort is at 700 m above sea level and spreads over an area of 45000 decares. The village of Shipkovo enjoys a moderate continental climate – cool summer and mild winter. The average annual temperature for the region is 10 C.

The freshness and ecologically clean nature, the unique combination of century-old beech-tree woods and different kinds of coniferous trees, the crystal-clear mountain brooks, the marvelous and mystical rocky formations and caves and healing mineral springs transform the village of Shipkovo into a majestic and unique, exceptionally preferred and often visited place.

There are many rare tree species here, which may be of some interest to the guests in the village and the resort. In the region of the resort there are many natural landmarks, tourist attractions, routes and eco-trails. On the fascinating mountain ridges one can find wild blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and a variety of mushrooms and healing fragrant herbs. The hunter-tourists from Bulgaria and abroad are welcome here. In the land belonging to the village they will find foes, wild boars, deer, bears, wolves and other predators. Rare species of birds of pray also roam in the skies above the village.

The resort village has good transport connections. There are regular bus lines from the town of Troyan to the village of Shipkovo.

The Mineral Springs
Except as a well-formed mountain village Shipkovo is also known for its healing mineral springs. There are two mineral springs and five drillings in the resort. The mineral water is from the sulfate-calcium-magnesium group, with a varying temperature of 18 to 38 C. The healing process consists both in drinking of mineral water and balneology procedures. The mineral water is used for the treatment of several groups of diseases and disorders:

  Gastric diseases

  Locomotory system disorders (arthritis, rheumatism)

  Neuralgic disorders

  Eye disorders

The treatment procedures are performed in a balneology center with capacity 1000 per day. The center disposes of an open-air mineral water swimming pool.

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