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Primorsko is a seaside town with a population of 3 099 people and it is located on a small peninsula on the Black Sea coast, at the foot of Strandja’s peaks that descend towards the coast. Owing to its location at the border of two geographical latitudes, where the moderate continental and the Mediterranean climate blend, Primorsko is the populated town located most to the north of the country, where citrus plants grow. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Primorsko every year during the summer season. The town is a favourite destination due to its mild climate, its beautiful nature, the historical and cultural monuments on its territory, its hospitable local population as well as the various attractions offered to the tourists, which make the town appropriate for a quiet family holiday as well as for an intense holiday with lots of parties, emotions and unforgettable moments.  In the day you can go to the beach, where you can enjoy the sun rays on the soft and warm golden sand, you can visit some of the remarkable natural and historical preserves on its territory, and in the evening you can have a rest in the pleasant atmosphere of some of the numerous restaurants in the town, which offer the traditional Bulgarian national cuisine as well as lots of fish delicacies, barbecue, pizza, live music and other attractions.  

The whole coastline of Primorsko is covered with the ruins of ancient and great cities. The walls of the inhabited place that managed to survive the longest soar over the hill called Vulchanovo kale.   One of the biggest Black Sea towns in the antiquity, Ranuli, used to be situated there.  The fortress walls surround an area of about 30 decares. According to the historians, this is one of the biggest fortress-towns in Bulgaria. It used to be a regional centre in the Middle Ages. Pieces of ancient vessels can be found often on the beach, brought by the sea.

Brief information about Primorsko:
Region: Bourgas
Population: 3,099 people
Transport:  land, water
 Airport: 1 km
Altitude: 10 m


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