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        village of Ribaritsa


The region of Teteven Balkan includes part of the central ridge of the magnificent Stara planina mountain. It offers marvelous opportunities for mountain and eco-tourism among the incredible nature and fresh air of the Balkan. In the National park of Central Balkan, and in the reserves of Boatin and Tsarichina is preserved the natural wealth of the region. Many plant and animal species are threaten with extinction and included in the Red Bulgarian book. There are numerous picturesque tourist routes and eco tracks that lead to cozy chalets. Marvelous opportunities for recreation and relaxation close to nature give the well-known holiday village of Ribaritsa, and town of Teteven, situated on the banks of Beli vit river, the town of Etropole, located not far away from the beautiful waterfall of Varovitets, as well as many small villages such as Lesidren, Vasiliovo and others. Of great interest in the region is the cave of Saeva dupka. The fans of fishing can practice the favorite hobby in Sopot dam, and the lovers of cultural tourism can visit the monasteries of Glojen and Etropole.




The village of Ribaritsa has about 1 400 inhabitants and is the most picturesque village among the whole 13 in the Teteven region (12km from Teteven town). The village is located at 600 meters above the sea level at the foot of the Teteven Balkan. It is no accident that the name of the village is Ribaritsa - it is settled 12 km. to the Beli Vit river banks and its feeders, and there is a monument of the “River boy” at the beginning of the village – the symbol of the village. The charm of the Ribaritsa village are the numerous little country houses and villas. They are lost in greenness and flowers, offering not only tranquillity and calmness, but and the opportunity to feel the unique authentic atmosphere and coziness of the Bulgarian village. Here in Ribaritsa the traditions are still alive. Old water - mills are still working, the fulling - mills are still washing the colorful carpets, the famous Ribaritsa rakia (brandy) is prepared right before you in a copper, housewives prepare the unforgettably sweet jams of wild berries and the old farmers are still making the well-known Balkan brine cheese prepared both from sheep and goat milk. You will wander how beauty one can find in the thing made from wool and wood - all these made by the light-handed craftsmen. The biggest attraction in the village of Ribaritsa is the wild nature of the National Park Central Balkan and one of its nine green pearls – the biosphere reserve of Tsarichina. There is a legend about the name of the reserve, according to which the king’s daughter Tamara was cured by the magic of the “red harefoot”, which the local people still called “tsarichina”. There are convenient tourist routes to the other two reserves – Boatin and “Kozia stena”. This is the best point to start for the three huts - "Georgy Benkovsky", "Echo", and "Vejen". A preserved area called "The black path" is a real heaven for ornithologists. There you can see plenty of birds biodiversity. Its an unbelievable pleasure to go round the village of Ribaritsa with the tourist-train or to hire a mountain bicycle to ride to the place of death of Bulgarian national hero Georgi Benkovski. Riding your bicycle you pass the Roman bridge above Kostina River, the romantic old hamlets Briazovo and Goriunovo. You can climb up to the Yakova cave. Its so exciting to take the retro ride with the cabriolet, to experience the photo-safari with a picnic in the forest, to join the walking tours led by a professional mountain guide, to go fishing and to enjoy the fishing picnic at the end.




During the 50’s there are about 30 villas in Ribaritsa while nowadays they are more than 450. In 1963 Ribaritsa has been officially proclaimed a mountainous resort and it keeps on giving welcome to thousands of tourists from the country and abroad. You can walk through Ribaritsa by a touristic train, to rent bicycles by which to reach the place of death of Georgi Benkovski, the Roman bridge, the old small quarters Briazovo and Goruniovo. You can make a romantic retro-walk by a cabriolet, photo-shooting with a wood-picnic, a walk in the mountain with a well-trained guide, attractive fishing with a fish-picnic.

At last 5-6 year the village of Ribaritsa is in the focus of investments interests and this is the main reason for dynamical development of real property market in this region.

In September 2002, with the support of American Chamber of Commerce, NRPA introduced an index of real estate and investment activity of the market in Bulgaria – REMI, which is the second national economic index after SOFIX. Bulgaria is the first country in Central and Eastern Europe to establish a national real property index. It is considered a serious indicator of the investment activity and business development. The index is published quarterly by NRPA and is based on information submitted by its 176 member companies. This index is good landmark for the real property in Teteven and Ribaritsa too.

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