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        About Us

The subject of activity is the consulting services in the field of structural funds, management of real estates and protection of property, leasing, marketing of real estate market, investment and security of complete legal juridical service to physical and juridical persons.

The Consulting House  “LEGA RESEARCH CONSULT”Ltd. is a team of adherents, composed by jurists, advocates and a notary, economists, financists and engineers, having a great experience in the legal, finance and economic field.

We offer an optimal ubication of your business interests at the global economic market and mostly the Bulgarian market, in the light of the forthcoming affiliation in the European Union, with the following consulting services:

  •  Elaboration of the previous study
  •  Elaboration of the consulting report
  •  Oral consultations, consultations on the level of corporative client and company
  • Elaboration of projects of companies (registrations and modifications)
  • Confidential management
  • Consultations concerning the fiscal field and lays
  • Consultations on real estates for business purposes and personal needs
  • Bulgarian Commercial Law
  • Marketing
  • Analysis and prognostics
  • Fulfillment of complex business projects

We will your consultant on all problems related to the legal, trade, finance and production aspects of your projects.

We will offer you new partners.

As a legal entity the Company is  very young at the market of services, but it is a follower of a legal and juridic college with long lasting traditions. There work jurists of fourth generation.

The long lasting vision of the Consulting House  “LEGA RESEARCH CONSULT” is to unify, integrate and manage the flux of ideas, information and clients among the companies.

We offer to our clients first class human resources, innovative decisions, related to the globalized world and the constant pression toward the disminution of expenditures for human force and optimation of human resources.For its success, the companies must dispose of very good instruments, including to be equipped with new technologies, to respond to the advantages and the possibilities created by the modern dynamic world. Our Company offers varied business services, working in suring the epoch of globalized economy.

The legal and business consultations for mixes enterprises (Joint Ventures), investment moving of productions in Bulgaria, company representation, intermediary, investment services, organization of distribution nets, consultations, management and decreasing of risk – these are only part of the services offered by Consulting House  “LEGA RESEARCH CONSULT” to its clients.  They could feel sure in the success of their initiatives and investments, as well as in receiving the requirements of the modern dynamic economy. The modern business thinking requires a deep understanding of the qualities for success in the globalized business climate of the today and future business space.

The Company co-operates with two qualified lawyers and a junior lawyer. These lawyers can provide Company’s customers and partners with all kind of legal services. One of the lawyers is specialized in the field of trade and corporate law, company registration under the Trade Act and registration of juridical persons under the Non Profit Juridical Persons Act. The lawyer co-operates very well with foreign juridical persons and has got serious experience in the field of research, systematizing and comparative analysis of the legal environment in different economic and trade areas of the economy. The other lawyer is specialized in the field of procedure representation, as well as obligation, property and family law. 
 The junior lawyer is specialized in the penalty law.

The Company has established contractual relations with a law company dealing fully with penalty law. Also the Company has established contractual relations with a Notary Public, who provides the Company’s customers with all kind of notary services. The Company ensures and covers the expenses for preferential payment terms for notary services provided to its customers. The Notary Public works with some of the most popular banks in the field of mortgage deals and is able to provide all kind of consulting services. The Notary Public has got a Notary Public’s Assistant, which enables making notary certifications in the premises of Company’s customers and partners. 

With respect to the above-mentioned the Company is able to offer interesting and original forms of mutually fruitful co-operation.One of the lawyers speaks English, while the other speaks French.Furthermore, we dispose of a translation agency and an accounting company.



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